About Us

Find the Right Motorhome for Your Needs in New Zealand

Locally built motorhomes, imported motorhomes, trade in motorhomes – there is a lot of choice when buying a motorhome in New Zealand. So it’s important to make sure you get it right! Here at Diamond Motorhomes in Hamilton, we will walk you through all the available options and speak with you to determine what will work best. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us on 07 847 6610 or 027 503 0013.

Do your homework

An imported motorhome doesn’t mean better quality. Alterations to imports can be pricey and in some cases are not possible. Before you make a decision, ask the right questions:

  • Does it have a frame? If yes, what is it made of?
  • How thick is the fibreglass? Will the fibreglass fade? If yes, what is the timeframe?
  • What size are the water tanks? Can extra water tanks be fitted?
  • What size is the house battery?
  • What is the cabinetry made from?
  • Are the fixtures and fittings recognised brands? Are they repairable or replaceable here in NZ?
Motorhome/Trailer - Diamond Motorhomes
Motorhome in the building process - Diamond Motorhomes

Years of Experience

Richard has been in the industry since 1972, when campers were solid and well-built with materials that stood the test of time – so much so you still see them on the road today. We strongly believe in these qualities, which are reflected in the quality and design of the motorhomes we provide. We will never put you on the road in a motorhome that we wouldn’t drive ourselves.

Independently owned and operated

The motorhome industry has seen big changes in the last 10 years. Richard at Diamond Motorhomes has grown and changed with it, from importing to selling trade-ins, to building motorhomes.